Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cause and Effect

I had intended to write about the people in my ward, but i think that would be unfair to do so in too much detail. However, the lesson i learnt is more relevant.

I knew others would impact on my stay and a high percentage of the occupants of the beds are in the 60+ age range. Some may have had years of treatment, some may have family members who have died abruptly. Some may be grieving from lost loved ones and may not have family support. Whatever the person there is a different recipe.

One of the annoying personalities i encountered in my stay was simply an old man who grieved for his late wife, who was clear of cancer but empty of love epitomised by the lack of visits from his family.

One would not make it to Christmas. A family man tired of years of treatment, he was at peace with submission.

One had almost all his insides removed. None of his friends at the local bar knew of his ordeal as he didnt want the attention. His life had been a life of hard labour and fate had hit him with a huge blow that still did not kill him. He just wanted to go to his small home and be there.

They on the other hand had me. I wanted the windows open, i wanted to talk, i'd ask if they were ok and enquire about their history, family, jobs, national service, football interests. From the nice warm self indulgent bed of despair i prised them out into a community which then saw other gravitate to the room. The silence was filled with background radio and we even shared papers. There were arguments!

Bet they were glad to get rid of me.

The auld fellow should have left today to his sons home. The family guy is going to try and make it past Xmas so he can share with his family one last Xmas and the wee silent fellow is going to catch a train to visit his daughter.

We affect each other, we are responsible for our own actions and can influence other's reactions. Through the way i interact with those around me will determine the outcome i visualise.

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Rannoch Donald said...


Keep it coming. Looking forward to seeing you in the new year. I'll be up at some point in the Spring. I'd love to come by and do a mobility and bodyweight workshop for you and your guys. Maybe Ray and I can arrange something. Whatever you want to charge can go to the Charity of AMAGs choice.

All the best Rannoch

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