Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lanark bound

Just about to set off with the fighters and corner team to travel to Lanark for tonight's show.

Yesterday was a great day, full of energy, did lots of stuff and then suddenly its 11pm! This morning i feel a little heavy headed, maybe Dave 'Burnley' Metcalf sent too much energy through the ether with his glass of wine! (see comment to last post). Anyway, its a 3 hour drive and i've got extra cornermen to keep me free to rest at times!

UFC will be on when we get back, the Natural against the Block!

Brock Lesnar (265) vs Randy Couture (220)

Joe Stevenson (156) vs Kenny Florian (156)
Josh Hendricks (238) vs Gabriel Gonzaga (256)
Demian Maia (185) vs Nate Quarry (185)
Tamdan McCrory (170) vs Dustin Hazelett (170)

I listen to my body's messages in the knowledge that it's looking after me.

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