Thursday, 27 November 2008

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!!

Wednesday is a good day and Pat is coming on better each day, they have removed the bandages over his scar, and he is proudly showing it off to anyone and everyone, much to Wendy and Leigh's horror! :).
His belly is swollen and bloated from trapped wind, which he managed to free some when I visited, so glad I have such a good affect on him!
His spirits are good and the Physio who came to visit was positive, and Pat's already working out his recovery programme.
A busy day with visitors today, we are working it as a tag team, so thanks again to all who have been into visit and those who have sent well wishes etc, they are very much appreciated.
We wont get news of his further treatment for a week or so, which feels frustrating as we just want to get on with things, but the main objective is to get him home from hospital right now, little steps lead to big steps.


BOB'S BLOG said...

Nice scar mate...can you help me out on my next 'Edged weapons Awareness@ Seminar?

Steve Ross said...

How much wind is actually trapped? Better keep off the baked beans!

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