Monday, 3 November 2008

Mondays ease

After a weekend of travel and watching everyone train (sob), i expected to be worn out today. I'm not.

after the office, where i was alert, i came home and had a small powernap for 15 minutes, ate and then went and taught class. Ok, i'm not training but i'm not weak. It's only a week since the biopsy and i can still feel that dscomfort and i still have sypmtons of liver failure but i feel good.

Bob's session had me visualise healing, planting into the unconsious the areas the body needs to work on all the time. If i ended going without surgery what a boost. I see the tumour as being fried as i type, its under attack rather than the other way around.

One follower here has used NLP to reframe his attitude to food. He's lost 55lb this year! Wow! Well done pal! I know you will feel better because of it.

Maybe i'll hear results tomorrow, but i'm ahead of the surgeon. The sands of time pass too quick to waste precious time.

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