Saturday, 22 November 2008

A New Journey

After receiving a call at around 4ish from the hospital saying telling me that Pat was out of surgery and in the ward and doing well I was feeling optimistic and happy. I was waiting for Bob to arrive and start the self protection seminar and visit Pat.
Everyone down at the gym was asking for him and I was telling them that all was ok to my knowledge, I have now left them in the safe hands of Bob Spour for 2 hours.
I went in to visit him and all changed, thankfully Pat was awake and in generally good spirits but unfortunately about to give me the news I did not want to hear , or at least the news i did not want him to have tell me.
They had opened him up and discovered that the liver is not in as good as a condition as they had first hoped and the tumor is at the moment unable to operate on, therefore they have zipped him back up and will going with a course of chemotherapy first.
The doctor came to discuss the matter with us and after registering what she has told us some things are bugging me, I feel questions and the 'bulldog' coming out in me.
A big thanks to my Dad(the strong silent type) who took me up to the hospital, and to Bob Spour for the welcome distraction and I'm sure he has done some subliminal NLP on me :)
Sorry, for not letting you folks down at the gym tonight into the news just then but, Wendy, I wanted you to have a good night, without the worry, as you deserve it after all you have done for Pat over the years, no greetin' when you read this!!!!!!!
Thanks again for all your calls and wishes i only wish the news could have been better, this just means that we have to take a different road now, but the destination is still the same.


Anonymous said...

For a big mean guy like Pat this but a minor setback.

Just like turning the corner when you think you're almost home, only to find that the road continues on a bit further than expected.

Pat, our thoughts are with you!!!


Don the Dandy said...

Kaz, we have been truly inspired at how you and Pat have dealt with this situation. I know this change in direction will only mean you and Pat will fight that little bit harder to win this battle. You are always in our thoughts.

Jeff & Kim

Rannoch Donald said...

Haven't looked in for a week or so.Just dropped by and saw the latest news. Whilst I know it's tough, I know you guys are tougher!

All the best


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