Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Modfather

I stayed in bed all yesterday. id gone to bed early the night before and wasn't well. In the morning i didnt feel good and slept most of the day. I eventually rose and walked the dog at dusk which gave me some fresh air. With some Thai soup inside me, i was able to stay up till bedtime again. Perry popped round in a short visit. It was nice having Caz, Perry and Kali around me!

Chelsea lost : (

Today im in the office for a short period. I have tickets for Paul Weller tonight and hope i can mange it. Weller has been in my life since i was 14/15 when i first heard The Jam. Going Underground to Thats Entertainment will last forever. The Style Council didn't really interest me although one or two did the business, but Weller set out on his own again and has had some remarkable songs. he also helped set up a site called CHECKEMLADS.COM to raise awareness for testicular cancer
A week to go...thanks for the messages and comments, as i said before i can't respond to all of them but they mean a lot!


Keith & Rimma said...

The Who are playing in Auckland next March. I really think I will be trying for tickets for that one although i cannot see Rimma wanting to go. She quite liked the Foo Fighters when they were here so you never know.


Combat said...

Hi Pat,

We have never met but I'm friendly with a guy called Sean McCarthy who lives in Stonhaven and used to train with you.

As a fellow Martialo Artist and Modfather fan, with my own small club in Muchalls (Combat Shotokan Karate) myself and all my lads wish you all the best best in your fight, my best mate is currently battling cancer so I understand only too well what your going through at the moment.

He has already succesfully battled testicular cancer but has since been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

I can only say that the mental toughness your many years of dedication to training has provided you with, will help see you through the hard times ahead, well anyway don't want to rabble on but good luck for the future and I hope I get to train with you and your lads one day.

Best Regards Eric McNeil

Chief Instructor
Combat Shotokan Karate

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