Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Rollercoaster

I was warned and it's come true. You can be up one moment and down the next. Yesterday i did a 7 hour day at the office, longest for a while and it was a busy one at that.

Getting home it was great to see Kali who also took a huff in that i got the blame for her enforced absence. She loves going to Inverness and gets spoilt rotten, but she always has a few days huff at us for being seperated. I went down with her to the gym with her to teach.

I started teaching class and felt full of energy. Half way through i dropped like a stone, the pain was like a big cramp in my side. I struggled to the end of class, composed myself and made it home. The sleep was a burning one, i had a fever. Had nothing to do with the disasterous 3-1 defeat to Roma.

Today it hurts, i still have energy and i still visualise, but it still hurts. It will go away though.

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