Thursday, 20 November 2008


a big thanks to
caz, perry, Kali, Kate, auntie sheila and uncle bill, Margaret, Hamish, James, Laura, Sophie,Rhea , Jessie; Bill, Leslie, William and Ruth; Ewen, Leslie and the kids; Bob Spour; Marc McFann; Greg Nelson; Guro Dan Inosanto and Simo Paula; Arjan Chai; Steven Grantham; Daniel Loreno; Joel Clark; John Spezzano; Fraser Kyne; Wendy and Graham Burr and Ellie; Rick Young & family; Terry B; Ray Terry; Andy Callaghan; Rey and Tatiana Diogo; Erik and Tanya Paulson; Mohssen; Tuhon Bill McGrath; Ed in Dublin; Steve Riley and clan; Dod Law; Rob, Steph, Abbie and Sam, Andrew and Aileen Flett; George Scott, Deana, Kenny and Scott; Siva; Hilary and Darren and Elle, Graham and Gillian; Mike Gordon, Tim Hudgell and colleagues at subsea7; chelsea boys incl nick, john, james, max; killing joke gatherers; Triumph riders; lil annie; all at AMAG: Ray and Heather; James MacDonald; Bill Mutch; Ross and Lyndsey Turner; Peter ; Leigh; Chris Moir; Jon, Chris P, jodi, Matt Russell, headlock, Arak and Bart, Dave Johnstone, Derek Latto, John maitland and their families, rituka, Mandy, Selena, Ben the Legend, Dave Marlow, Antoine, kenny, duncan, willie, Paul (Cat Stephens) McIntrye, tony and angie, scott f, vern, alan p; Graeme Leggat; Craig Wilson and the Edinburgh martial artists; London ma's; John Nicholson and the Dinkey's; The New Zealand connection- Dino, Keith, Rimma, Nick and Laura, Brett; Mick Tulley; Rannoch, Colin and Audrey Pope, Val, Jade and Tony; sarah; John and Mandy; fred at 1 up; titch; hen; Stephan Kesting; and the rest of you.

your support is great! i'll be out saturday week, you lot are buying the beers ; )

it's time now......


angelag said...

Hi Pat,
Just to let you know Duncan and I wll be thinking about you and look forward to seeing you back on top form soon.
Your blog is an inspirational read, I have been recommending it to so many people i know who sadly find themselves in a similar situation to you. I hope it brings them as much strength as it is clearly giving you.

Take care

Angela and Duncan

Anonymous said...

Once your liver is back in good condition... the first beer is on me!


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