Thursday, 20 November 2008

A Long Day

This is Caz
I'm away to write, though not as eloquently as Pat, a note or 2 to keep all of you up to date with Pat's progress on his blog, of which has become a great tool for Pat to keep his mental attitude strong.
We went to the hospital at 10.30am to be taken to the day room, to cut a long day short Pat was finally given a bed on the ward at around 6.30pm.
It feels strange not to receive his usual good night text when we are apart, but I'm keeping all my thoughts positive and with him, thats not too say i havent had a few tears in private today.
This is the point Id like to say a BIG thanks to everyone who has been there to support Pat, for that I am eternally grateful. From the very inspirational Greg Nelson whos personal fight with cancer and great strength and positive outlook has been of great help to Pat, another great help is Sifu Marc McFann who is having his own medical problems, for which I'm sure he will battle through and also come back fighting harder than ever before, and Bob Spour who has done exceptional work with Pats positive mind frame with his NLP.
There is also so many friends and guys/girls down the gym which Pat has mentioned in the previous mail which I'd ike to say thanks again to, your best wishes and support have meant a lot.
My parents are through from Inverness and are staying with me tonight and over the weekned, and helping me with the Kali, their Granddoggy!! :) So thanks to them and the wishes from the rest of my family and the lovely pictures from my niece Sophie.
Its going to be a busy weekend , as we have Bob Spour also staying doing seminars this weekend, but I'm glad to have the distraction to keep me busy and not let me dwell on things. I hope he gets a good nights sleep.

Pats operation should be about 12 midday, so lets get the F****R cut out and get back on to the road to recovery and back to training which gives him so much pleasure.

Mrs Campbell and others I promise to look after him :)

big huge thanks again xxx

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Lindsay Foulkes said...

All my thoughts go to you and Pat. I look forward to reading about his recovery - Lindsay

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