Sunday, 2 November 2008

Trick or Treat

Caz passed her Thai Boxing Assoc of the UK test under Ajarn Chai! Well done. The first female in Europe to get the certification of Instructorship!

With all the has been going on and not knowing whether we would be able to get down, Caz's preparation for the test was put to one side. After traveling down, Ewen Campbell asked me whether she could do it and after i nodded without hesitation. Ajarn was informed she would test. We then told Caz. Ouch!

Mo Coles also passed as, i think ,did Sid but we had to leave to catch the plane by then. Ewen passed his associates test. Well done all!

Marc also got into the national Lets Wear Pink To Work Day as can be seen in this photo! - click on the photos to enlarge them!

During the weekend, i had a session with Bob Spour who worked me on reframing the way the illness is percieved by me. i'm effectively now looking at 4 months down a timeline, with a cinema screen image of me participating in a training session. i can feel the muscles being used and the sweat on my skin, tasting it on my lips.

My mind is now working on the healing process so any intrusive surgery is already being managed and i will be fully fit by Spring!

Nice to see the numbers of followers being registered! the collective support is always a strong incentive to heal and if you ever know someone in trouble, you should know that a show of support will make a difference.

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Steve Grantham - Atlanta said...

Hey Pat congrats on Caz passing her test! Those are not easy, especially with you guys be so focused on your healing! She must have a good coach! :-) Hope to meet her one of these days!

Steve G

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