Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I Feel Good

James Brown on the decks!

After last nights post i crumpled up feeling ill and went straight to bed. I ate a couple of 'monkey' nuts earlier on and that didnt agree with the stomach.

Woke up fresh - slept through the alarm - and im in the office feeling alert and working away in foggy aberdeen. I have to be wary right now not to get carried away , keep to my timeline without putting the blood pressure up to high.

Still no word from my surgeon but if you were to take your right hand and squeeze it into a fist you will now visualise what im doing to this tumor.

People are amazed how big the liver is and this diagram puts that in context.

Breakfast: Protein Shake
Lunch : Sushi pack, Carrot Cake, green tea
Tea: Have some fresh haddock for tonight!

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