Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday - 5 Days to go!

Not a great night results wise on an excellent show, but the performances were good and the fighters progress is more relevant. Arak fought well and was disappointed with the draw, Bart lost valiantly to a more experienced opponent and Chris lost by a decision. I was very proud of the guys.

It was a long day but i was so taken up with the event that i never felt any problems. I now think the poor start to the week was my body fighting a different bug.

It was great to see two friends in the corner of Brock Lesnar when he took t
he Heavyweight title in the UFC against the magnificent Couture. Erik Paulson and Greg Nelson had primed Lesnar perfectly and i'll get to see Erik soon when he comes to Aberdeen.

Again, i hear that ACPO have called for Motorcycles to be banned. the report was set up by
South Yorkshire's chief constable, Meredydd Hughes, who had to step down from ACPO after he was banned from driving for speeding at 90mph in a 60mph zone. it is his third speeding conviction. Says it all really. i haven't been on the bike for a while as i haven't felt well enough to drive it. This is the one i had for 5 years until i changed to a newer model this year.

Surely, in ending there is renewal, is there not? It's only in death that a new thing comes into being. Bye Bye Tumor

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