Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday

I enjoyed the Saturday seminar. Rick's courtesy stretched to Caz so a big thank you there. Rick was awarded a Lifetime Achievement plaque form Guro Inosanto and well earned it is too. It was great to see friends and fellow martial artists, not to forget Joel who accompanies Guro on these trips.

At night we stayed with Rob and Steph with their children Sam and Abbie and played Monkey and Buzz on the playstation. Nice time.

Great News for the Welsh yesterday. Although we lost to South Africa the team played well by all accounts and are building a great side. Then to top it off Joe Calzaghe beat Roy Jones Jr despite being knocked down in Round one. A true champion. A time to play Catatonia's International Velvet.

Off to train the fighters for next weeks show in Lanark. Its bitter today and i'm yet to walk the dog.

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