Sunday, 23 November 2008

Up and ready for Round 2

Round 2 , Ding Ding, lets get it on!!!
A busy day yesterday and our spirits are up again, despite the very snowy weather, and there's been another several inches overnight. the only inches I'll get overnight for a while!! ;)
Despite the weather a good turn out for Bob Spour Muay Thai Seminar, thanks guys, and thanks again to Mum and Dad for your help with Kali.

Is it a man? Is it a Bird?...No It's Pat Davies, Caped Crusader! I saw Pat yesterday in Hospital and he was in good spirits. Surrounded by the usual paraphenalia of a hospital ward and a man with a large gash in his abdomen we naturally talked about training and what it was like to be 'gutted like a fish'. Pat laughed...then winced, then laughed some more. He winced again and I laughed. Life is cruel Pat. They say laughter is the best medicine... Maybe in Pat's case we start with smiling and build up to the laughter in a few days time...

By now you are all aware that Pat's progress is taking a different direction. As Caz says the Motorway route is blocked (probably by Snow) and he's going to have to take the 'Scenic Route'. It may take a lot longer but he will get there in the end. The great thing about scenic routes is you tend to learn a lot more about the surrounding terrain and I think Pat will see it like this...a much more interesting journey with good health at the end of it. This, I know will be Pat's mindset at the moment. After all he is a superhero!

By the way Pat, just a reminder....Chelsea 0 Newcastle 0 Yee Haa!

P.S. What is that suspicious looking tube peeking out of his pyjamas?... Mmmm....

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Jonny Cameron said...


Sunday night at Super Sunday Stick Session (with sparring), ray had us practicing power strikes the target clearly in mind - the tumour taking some serious punishment. Some good boxing on tv saturday night there too - prizefighter competition before the ricky hatton fight. 8 fighters, quarter finals, semi finals, final, all in the same night. Three 3 minute rounds per fight. Some excellent boxing and determination from Danny Butler, Cello Renda, and Martin Murray (winner) making a great contest of the whole thing. Hatton fight was not as entertaining, but one thing was clear, Hatton was too much for his opponent malanaggi who couldn't keep up with the relentless pace. Nice work all the same.

Jonny Cameron said...

Also, speaking about laughter as the best medicine, watch this Pat, cracked me up earlier today (Max and Paddy outtakes from Phoenix nights: and

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