Friday, 7 November 2008

Friday's dressing down

No jelly with the ice cream last night as I took Perry out to the shops where he picked a Timberland jacket which must be part of the rage right now. He shuns normal fashion shops that he refers to as 'spice boy's boutiques'! Don't know where he gets that from!

Loved the recent BBC programme on streetware from the spivs, teddy boys, mods, skinheads... up to the modern day chav although they skip one or two. Click the link to see it - Chelsea fans will see a rare piece with Eccles patrolling the shed - they say we have no history! I recall my first pair of Dr Martins, first Harrington, Donkey Jacket, bondage trousers, Stone Island , etc

Anyway, went back to the house for pizza and we walked the dog in the drizzle and just spent time, which was nice for father and son but was really down to the fact that he had partied hard the night before and was suffering!

During my session last week with Bob, i had to focus at one point on good School memories and, without going into it, these guys featured in the good ones. This was us a few years back on a reunion morning after.

Nick, Max, Tom, Jerry, Andrew and me.

Weekend thinking for you: - Daily Quote Life's Purpose

There are many people who will give you the purpose of life; they will tell you what the sacred books say. Clever people will go on inventing what the purpose of life is. The political group will have one purpose, the religious group will have another purpose, and so on and on. So, what is the purpose of life when you yourself are confused?
When I am confused, I ask you this question, "What is the purpose of life?" because I hope that through this confusion, I shall find an answer. How can I find a true answer when I am confused? Do you understand? If I am confused, I can only receive an answer that is also confused. If my mind is confused, if my mind is disturbed, if my mind is not beautiful, quiet, whatever answer I receive will be through this screen of confusion, anxiety, and fear; therefore, the answer will be perverted.
So, what is important is not to ask, "What is the purpose of life, of existence?" but to clear the confusion that is within you. It is like a blind man
who asks, "What is light?" If I tell him what light is, he will listen according to his blindness, according to his darkness; but suppose he is able to see, then he will never ask the question, "What is light?" It is there. Similarly, if you can clarify the confusion within yourself, then you will find what the purpose of life is; you will not have to ask, you will not have to look for it; all that you have to do is to be free from those causes which bring about confusion. The Book of Life - November 7

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