Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Letting the past die

Yesterday I came to work on my motorbike. The first time for ages. Oh the smile on my face! my energy was great and i taught a tough class later at night.

Irene Morrans also called. Irene has healed me many times in the past and we have known each other since she became a student in my Thai class around 1993. As a reflexologist, with many more strings to her bow, she healed me when i had serious knee injury's in Judo competition at that time.

There's one thing we talked about that is worthy of note. I touched on the subject earlier in the blog when i received my hypnotherapy from Bob Spour that there is a deep rooted anger in me that could have in some way contributed to this tumor. When i mentioned this, she recalled the first time she used Bowen on me.

Bowen involved a session which in laymans terms, saw her pinch the points of meridians in which the energy channels were blocked, freeing the energy that was blocked by stress etc. Its a technique used on horses. It's quite painful when compared to a foot massage! Irene was very suprised when i gave her feedback to the reaction. For about a week i was in a very bad mood, which we put down to the release of the negative energy manifesting itself first. After each session the mood period was less.

Liver problems are considered to be a manifestation of deep rooted anger. I know what the anger is and i'm using methods to release it. I must let the past die and look to today and live my life free and healthy.

=== JKrishnamurti.org - Daily Quote ===

Die Every Day

What is age? Is it the number of years you have lived? That is part of age; you were born in such and such a year, and now you are fifteen, forty or sixty years old. Your body grows old - and so does your mind when it is burdened with all the experiences, miseries and weariness of life; and such a mind can never discover what is truth.
It is tradition, the accumula
tion of experience, the ashes of memory, that make the mind old. The mind that dies every day to the memories of yesterday, to all the joys and sorrows of the past - such a mind is fresh, innocent, it has no age; and without that innocence, whether you are ten or sixty, you will not find God.

The Book of Life - November 10

Anyone near or around Edinburgh might be interested in this

Haircut tonight, spoke about this in this post before a previous postponed Operation date. Then meeting Perry for tea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

I just learned about your fight this morning - and I was shocked! If I was to swing my pointing finger around the place and make it stop at the fittest bugger I could see, I think it would point at you. If anyone is going to mentally squeeze the bejeezus out out of that lump and beat the cancer you're the guy for the job.
All the very best, keep grinning, keep fighting! :o)


Steve Grantham - Atlanta said...

Pat, I think the fact that you are learning so much and growing so much from this struggle is amazing. You continue to inspire me with your self-realizations and openess to healing and self growth. Thanks for having me along on this journey, brother!

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