Tuesday, 25 November 2008


This is just to say thank you to those who went in on Monday to visit Pat, as I was unable to get in due to work. I could easily have time off from work as they have been brilliant and so has Pats's but I feel it is important to keep some normality going.
They have changed his painkillers today to slow release ones and he's doing better.
Thanks again.
On Tuesday they moved him out of the High Depedancy Unit into the main ward,where is in the opposite bed from John Yule, the husband of one of my work pals, of course we wish him all the best in his recovery but its nice for me to have a familiar face there when I go in and have some one at work who knows what we are going through, thanks Jackie for your support.
Pat is coming on slowly but surley and we are still hoping for release by the weekend, better get the nurses uniform out!! :)

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SeriousSam said...

I saw Pat yesterday and he was in good spirits - so much so he was trying to make me pass out with tales of catheters and morphene and showing me his staples!!
I got him some great magazines to keep him amused including a Manchester United magazine. I tried to find a Newcastle one too because I know he's a secret fan. Bet you didn't know he liked fly fishing and pony treking too.

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