Friday, 5 December 2008

Yesterday was a bad day. It came after a high on Wednesday where i felt lively. Yesterday i was bloated, a side effect of the drugs, and this puts pressure on the wound. This has now started to open and so the nurse is putting care that no infection gets in. I hardly moved around yesterday.

I had a visit from Heather(AMAG) and George Scott (Subsea7) which made me pull myself up a bit and that helped. Poor Caz had a full day, from tidying the house to going to covering reception at the gym and teaching. In amongst this i felt a bit of a useless lump and depression set in.

I've refocussed today and await the nurse to change my dressings. I'm going to work some pilates later on. Caz's mum and gran have come through and have taken Kali out for a walk.

Peter, a brown belt in BJJ and runs the Jitsudo club through AMAG, told me about Largarto a BJJ black belt who had chemo and then went and won Gold in a competition in Brazil. These are role models that endure the therapy.

When the Dr came in on Wednesday, we discussed my liver and where i said the chemo will look after the tumor but the strength of the liver is the focus of my attention. She said that the chemo will be hard on me, to which i replied that it might be hard on other people but it wont be for me. Her attitude changed and started talking to me with a much more positive attitude. Positivity attracts positivity, there may be down days but you can always pick yourself up.

The gym will be graced with a new logo mat at reception this weekend and Kali gave it her seal of approval. I also include the is photo of Bob Spour with slippers on at the recent seminar! Made me laugh!

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Anonymous said...

"Positivity attracts positivity, there may be down days but you can always pick yourself up."

This fellow Pat is far wiser than you'd think by just looking at him...



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