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An old school friend is talking to me about Orgone Blankets later on. I've cast the net out and all sorts of good people are responding with suggestions or encouragement. Yet i heard of someone the other night who refuses to discuss their situation with their nearest and dearest. That self indulgence is submission but in the wrong model, because he is not in peace but in turmoil and as a result all those around him are in turmoil.

Submission to life or whatever you may refer to it as - God maybe - should cease the conflict within and bring peace. Submission is about observation, its not about hiding away. We tend to refer to a new born baby as an innocent so look at what that baby's instinct is when its born, its to gasp for breath, to fight for life. Its not yet conditioned to society, but its basic instinct is pure submission to living.

In JKD and in all martial arts (although 95%+ dont teach it that way), we don't imitate the technique, we become the technique, we become one with the moment, not forcing ourselves on it, but moulding it to our favour so the outcome is something that we can live with. Its the empty cup analogy, where water, a very powerful force will blend to fit its container. the water doesn't disappear, it transforms. If drunk its hydrates the blood allowing red blood cells to move around the body, delivering oxygen to the muscles that keep us alive. Water is very powerful in many different forms.

Bruce Lee Concept Lesson (Jeet Kune Do) Part 1

When my first son, Caillin, died at the age of 10 months, i held his stiff body and recalled his last evening where he had been full of laughter and energy. That energy doesn't disappear, it transforms to something else. Whatever you want to call it, life is energy and it doesn't end, it transforms.

My illness doesn't stop me fighting, gasping for breath, and with the utilities my body has i have the ability to use so many methods to overcome this blip to which many simply give up. Death is part of the cycle and it will come in it's own time, but the tumor isn't death, its a warning signal that has been set off and it's time has been useful but must now go. The liver is in a bad situation and that affects my life functions, but thanks to the tumor we now see that and can repair the liver through many routes. There's no blame, there's no remorse, there's submission and there is a path that will take me out of this situation, despite its precarious path.

I spent two days writing a personal history going into the anger within me that fed the liver dis-ease. I deleted it, as I'm very private beyond my public front and i didn't think it was right. This blog is therapeutic but its also an infants gasp for life, and because i reached out there are those around with hands to assist. Without letting people know they wouldn't be able to help. Furthermore, because i'm in that state it encourages the right environment around me.

Caz is on night shift so im walking around on egg shells trying to keep the noise down. I dont know if the nurse is coming today to change the wound dressing but i need more medication and i'm yet to hear about the funding situation with BUPA. Guess i better get on the phone and start presing the right buttons!

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True Religion

Do you know what religion is? It is not the chant, it is not in the performance of puja, or any other ritual, it is not in the worship of tin gods or stone images, it is not in the temples and churches, it is not in the reading of the Bible or the Gita, it is not in the repeating of a sacred name or in the following of some other superstition invented by men. None of this is religion.

Religion is the feeling of goodness, that love which is like the river, living, moving everlastingly. In that state you will find there comes a moment when there is no longer any search at all; and this ending of search is the beginning of something totally different.

The search for God, for truth, the feeling of being completely good - not the cultivation of goodness, of humility, but the seeking out of something beyond the inventions and tricks of the mind, which means having a feeling for that something, living in it, being it - that is true religion.

But you can do that only when you leave the pool you have dug for yourself and go out into the river of life. Then life has an astonishing way of taking care of you, because then there is no taking care on your part. Life carries you where it will because you are part of itself; then there is no problem of security, of what people say or don't say, and that is the beauty of life.

The Book of Life - December 16

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