Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Recipe for health

Emotions can fester. The problem with the Liver is related to unresolved Anger. Grief can manifest itself in the lungs for example and the previous posted link to Louise Hay is a good resource to find info on that.

To cut to the quick, as a child i was separated from my parents for most of the year and that was hard on a seven year old and was the case till i was 18. That anger manifested itself into a rebellious teenager that took things to extremes. Through my martial arts i was able to channel the nger elsewhere but it was still eating away at me. It wasn't till i was into my 40's did i realise a lot of this and start to look at it from a different perspective. It is this anger that manifests itself as liver dis-ease.

So i now delve into subjects about healing the liver. I have talked about the greens i take and Wheatgrass, but juicing is also another method of getting the goodness straight to the liver. These are things i have been doing over the years but still the liver got worse. Now, along with these methods i use visualisation.

its like Maths. I have the parts of the equation, i just need to put them into the right order or use the right factors A(B*C(D+E)/F). Again, to use another analogy, its like a recipe. You need to get the ingredients in the right proportions or else it will not taste good.

I guess the question is 'How do i know if i have released myself from the anger'? That's the NLP that Bob does with me and i feel that this could be the ingredient or the part of the equation that has been missing.

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