Monday, 22 December 2008

Mondays sunrise

Before leaving Inverness the phone rang and it was a nurse from the hospital, from Ward A who deal with the Liver. The nurse was wanting me to come in and so i have an appointment tomorrow.

In the brief discussion it came apparent that the virus in my liver is treatable but until i speak with them i won't say anymore. This is a confidence boost to help in the fight. Things are falling into place and it wont be long before the morning's sunrise!

So tomorrow after the nurse comes in to change the dressings, I visit the hospital and then i hope to go upto see my colleagues at Subsea7. Phew! it will be a busy day.

After a nice weekend at Caz's parents, we are back home and i'm watching the Chelsea game where we play everton and the referee. 0-0 but a gripping game but for the bitterness of commentator Craig Burley, who still harbours resentment for not being good enough for Ruuds team and not being picked for the FA cup final.

What are your strengths? What makes you unique or different?

Some of the strongest clues to your strengths are there - among your most unique qualities.

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Sean said...

Pat - that sounds like (potentially) good news on the liver front. Just a shame Chelsea couldn't add top the Christmas cheer.

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