Tuesday, 23 December 2008


The nurse who came and changed my dressing reckons the wound is healing well, yet conservatively reckoned 4 weeks before being able to return to work. She swabbed me to ascertain the level of MRSA, in the nostrils, groin, throat and wound - not with the same swab though!

Ward A was busy so we were kept waiting for over 30 minutes but then got to see the nurse who had called me. It would appear that at some time i was infected with Hepatitus C and there is no way to timeline when it happened. This can lie dormant in your body for up to 20 years before it it is discovered unless you look for it. Screening at Blood Donors will find it, but otherwise it may lie undetected for years.

This HCV has acted like a corrosive virus causing a great deal of Cirrhosis to the liver. They have taken more blood to test specifically for certain parameters but treatment cannot start until the chemo is finished. Treatment could be up to one year and again it's up to each person how they let it affect them. So it is the HCV which has caused the HCC. We are still fighting on two fronts, we just know more about the enemy!

After giving blood, Caz took me to the Subsea7 office so i could visit colleagues - those still there before the holidays - as well as talk with HR. George gave me a lift back and in all its been a busy day, capped off with a walk with the dog. I'll sleep tonight!

Warrior Diet and this are currently my on-line reading after picking up the link online.

Happy Birthday Hamish!Rhea, the youngest of the family sings songs about a strange man bearing gifts! ; )

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