Tuesday, 30 December 2008

CT and the dog

I was out with the dog and met up with my friend Dod, who along with his dog, walked with me and it was a great walk. Dod and i met on the doors many many years ago and instantly hit it off, but Dod's that way anyway. Hopefully i can be there to give when he need it, because his presence is greatly appreciated even if he tells bad jokes ; )

Caz was working from 5 am so when she got back she took me up to the hospital for a CT scan. This involves me drinking a lot of water, being given an aniseed type potion, have dye put into my vein and then, whilst lieing down i then pass into a circular machine that i refer to as Stargate.

This will provide a benchmark picture of the tumor before i start, hopefully next week, the chemotherapy treatment.

So i walked the dog again when i got back, my fitness is improving and hopefully the healing will speed up. It is important to get my fitness on the up to have the body strong for the chemo. I know that picture wasn't nice but it was (Tuhon) Bill in New York who said
"Just saw the wound. Ouch! At least it wasn't rectal surgery. The world is not ready for a photo of that wound!"

I'm working my way through series 3 of The Sopranos. It's excellent and i like it because it's set around the families. that is also why i preferred the Shield over some of the other tv shows. It's more real, in touch, even though its a tv show!

Watching the Top Gear drive bikes through Vietnam. Maybe its time that i stop dreaming and start doing the things i'd like to do.

“The first half of life is about ambition when we are striving to ‘get ahead’ and ‘win.’ Here we encounter self-doubt and stress because we are not fulfilling our
dharma, our destiny. In the second half of life, we begin to fulfill our life purpose. Our story is about people moving away from a life of doing what others want and learning how to move into a life of meaning. From ambition to meaning—learn how you can move into the meaning phase of life!”

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