Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Good Samaritans

There are some people who are always willing to offer their help should i ask for it, even when they don't know what it could be. Some of the people who do this are the guys who already have done more than i can ever ask. Some of these guys have given me the core skills to face whatever life throws at me and manage situation like i find myself in now.

Sometimes what was given or offered i didn't appreciate at the time and i learn either with hindsight but also from dealing with my own students, who mirror the situation.

I don't need to list names because they will know that i'm talking about them. After this, if i haven't already demonstrated that faith you once put in me, I will hope you can see it in the many years to come.

Erik and Tonya stopped by before heading off to Ayr. Good friends that are always welcome.
If you get the chance go and train! Scotland and England tour:
December 8th-Edinburgh- Rick Young
December 9th-Aberdeen-Pat Davies
December 10th-Ayr-Andy Callaghhan
December 11th-Wigan-Melvyn Corrigan
December 12th-Dudley Birmingham- Paul Kelly
December 13th-Coventry-Lucky and Pindi
December 14th-Northampton- Ewen Campbell
December 15th-London-Matt and James
December 16th-Plymouth-Tom Barlow
December 17th-Weymouth-Mo Teague

CoQ10 - I might start using this as a supplement that Erik gave the heads up on, as well as the Grapefruit Seed Extract. I'm stopping the Milk Thistle for a couple of days to see the reaction with the liver, as since i started using it after the operation the liver has been agitated, or maybe the wound is healing better that i feel the liver more.

After Mondays shock of being sent to the hospital, today the nurse is very pleased with the wound. They still reckon it will need up to xmas though to heal.Tomorrow i meet with the specialist who will outline her vision of upcoming treatment.

Remember yesterdays gone, today is here and what you do today sets the direction for tomorrow!

I dwell in a world of love and acceptance.

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