Monday, 8 December 2008

Monday morning nightmare

Was sent to the hospital, do not pass GO! nor collect £200 by the district nurse who was concerned with my wound opening. She had changed the dressing and then suddenly she's wanting me to go to hospital so that was a bit of a shock.

The hospital it was then and a surgeon came and looked at the wound, he was satisfied with it but then it transpired that the Nurse had said i had MRSA. The surgeon went to speak with the Infection Lab and they have advised to stop the antibiotics i was taking as the wound is healthy but the body's natural defense to MRSA was being affected by them. So i guess no more indegestion which was a sympton of the medicine.

So im back home, exhausted. the wound is healing slowly but well enough, but it will most likely mean that the chemotherapy will have to wait, which means i have extra time to work on the liver being fit and strong!

Yesterday i had been tired after an excellent Saturday and spent most of the day snoring away. Tomorrow will be a good day!

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