Thursday, 25 December 2008

Boxing day

After lovely day, poor caz was up quite a lot through the night as the dog was not well. She hadn't ate a lot but something had upset her tummy. I woke up this am with her lying on the floor snoring beside me, the dog that is.

The nurse arrived and changed my dressings. Caz had to change them yesterday evening as they needed changed. The wound is healing but i'd like to leave it open for an hour just for a change.

I walked the dog, i move with more ease now . Perry eventually got up and Caz went to work. Watching the Chelsea game and chatting with Perry occupied the afternoon and I'm just about to get the tea started. Chelsea won 2-0 where it seemed like they hardly broke sweat.

i have books, films, training dvds and plenty of admin tasks needing attention, but i also need to relax and let things heal before the chemo starts. this can make the days at times lonely.

Shame, C4 continue to court sensationalism with airtime for holocaust deniers. How low. Cheap sensationalism. I recall once talking with an old man who saw one of the camps at the end of the war. For him it was a nightmare that never went away.

As we move away from family time to party time, be careful out there. Hopefully speak to a few of you before the end of the year!

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