Saturday, 20 December 2008

Inverness bound

We are having a few days up at Caz's parents in Inverness. I hope Caz can get a bit of restbite as its been tough on her this last few months.

So Siva came round Thursday evening and it was great to see him and have a chat. He had been over to Kuala Lumpa and brought back a nice sarong for both myself and Caz, which we use in our silat classes at times.

Friday morning and I'd slept in a bit when the doorbell rang, the postman with deliveries. I jumped out of bed and nipped down the stairs and only after i took the parcels did i realise what I'd done. The wounds healing has sped up and I'm more mobile! I am walking more and as a result the belly is now not affected with the bloating.

I was hoping to visit the office to see colleagues at work, especially as they were going out for their festive meals and a big night out on whats commonly known as Mad Friday, but the nurse didn't come till 1pm to change the dressings. Still i will see them Tuesday. Perry popped around which was a boost.

The nurse was pleased with the wound, however, there's a bit of inflammation on the right hand side which is uncomfortable. There's MRSA there, but until they swab me on Tuesday they don't know how its affecting me. CT scan date is booked, waiting for the go ahead with the chemo option, we are getting there. I am not having any pain from the liver right now, which is coming down to the care I'm putting in on it. Wheat grass 100ml after porridge, lots of fluid.

I went to the gym at night while the kettlebells was on, but ended up sleeping on the floor. Tired and cold, it was a quiet evening, wrapping presents and watching tv. this morning I'm tired still but it's ok.

I have a Dyna Band that i have started using. not long before i can get on the bike, but the last part of the wound just needs that final step first.
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