Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I have my Art

For those of you who read this and are surprised by the martial art content, let me take you to an article by a friend and someone i have learnt more than he knows from, Marc Denny. The Article talks about when someone killed themselves, giving in to the pressure or stress of life.

What we have at AMAG is a selection of martial arts that are not eclectic but that have a synergy. You see, arts really only differ due to their environment and that also includes rules. Some therefore are combat related arts, some are sport related. Each has its own set of 'clothes' in that they like to dress themselves up to look different but, at the core of this, all the arts are the same.

where all the arts' circles meet is where Truth is, for it exists in all

i have the empty inner circle in my school badge, because that's you. that's you who has to bring them all together. I refer to this as Jeet Kune Do, the art identified with Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto.

So when there is a problem in developing myself in one art i can train in another art and can still deal with that issue but look at it from a fresh perspective. I recall trying to get students in 1992 to learn some Jun Fan trapping and they couldnt get it, so i spent three months teaching them stickwork and when we went back to the trapping they could do it.

When i have the issue of little c (as i called it a few posts back) then i do the same in that i look at it from a different perspective. i dont stay with one authority as theres a lot of dressing up done to make them "individual", most of which is bs. What they all tell you, when you look through the different authorities, is that your attitude is the number one factor.

So you have your art, you are never alone.

The District Nurse took out the staples today. On the right side of the 17.5" scar it hasn't fully bonded and its very ticklish right now. She comes back tomorrow and will bring the GP who will decide what to do with the painkillers. Whilst i know its easing the pain, the doped up feel from the morphine is not a welcome guest. Still no news about the time of my appointment with the specialist.

Caz's friend Susan gets buried today. I would like to be there but it's not to be. She pushed the timeline longer than they gave her and enjoyed her final year with her familly.

My son came round with his 20 year old chaos and i expect to see his children growing up around me in years to come. My timeline is for years to come yet.

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