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I have received many mails from people, friends and family of those with cancer, as well as those who have beaten it - in which they mention that the blog has been of great help to them. I'm stepping out of bounds slightly here but hopefully the author wont mind especially since it has so much value and i bless him for making the effort.

This is XXXXXX. I hope you remember-I trained with you several years back and was thinking of starting back a few months ago and so had a look at the amag website. I stumbled across your blog and have been following it regularly ever since. I really wanted and indeed felt compelled to write to you.

As you may remember I was studying in medicine when I was training with you. I am now working as a GP ......... Your mindset and 'self treatment' of your condition is somewhat unique and I have been very impressed by it.

Throughout my training an indeed my day to day work I come across many people with cancer. Everyone has a different reaction/ method of coping. Most people submit there 'fight' to the hands of we doctors. Certainly western medicine has huge amount to offer- effective chemotherapy, surgical, and radiation treatments. However there often other treatment spheres that are not addressed. Partly this is due to our own cultural beliefs in this society and our reliance, often to the exclusion of all else, in science.

I was really interested to read of your sessions with Bob Spour and visiualisation techniques on healing and fighting the cancer. I really do think this has a huge role to play in cancer treatment. We already know that through concetration we can control many processes in our body. For example when peope meditate they are able to slow several things in their body thought to be not normally under conscious control-Their pulse rate, metabolism, and conscious levels. Mind over matter if you like. So if someone can control all these normally subconscious and automated processes then It seems logical that control over cell processes and immune response would also be possible. Indeed I remember Reading some journals some time ago that showed that women with breast cancer who remained positive and hopeful seemed to do better than those who did not. I would think that this positivity may subconsciosly allow the body to heal itself by setting in motion cell processes that would fight against the cancer.

Obviously a far more efficient method would be direct visualization of the 'fight' as you are doing.

I also remember reading of another case that you may find interesting. There was a case in which a patient suffered some form of brain injury that resulted in the neural pathways from his brain to limbs being damaged. The result was that he was unable to walk. He lay in bed for several months and decided that he would make sure he would walk again. Through extreme concentration and visualization he did just that. I think the explanation offered was that his bouts of concentration and visualization allowed him to recruit and create new neural pathways to his limbs. Again this shows the power of a well motivated and focused mind. I know I am already preaching to the converted! and your knowledge in this area no doubt far outstrips mine but I think it is always good to hear of other positive experiences to draw from.

Also- I have started to point some of my cancer patients to your blog and several have commented on how useful and inspiring they have found it. As you say in your post - positivity breeds positivity.

I have also found that reading your blog has made me think and act differently when treating patients with cancer. It is always useful see things from a patient's perspective. I hope you continue your quality posting and I will continue to follow it. If there I anything that you feel I may be able to assist you with please feel free to drop me an e-mail. Best wishes to .......

It has been a quandary of mine which i have mentioned on other posts, whether this is self indulgence or whether this serves a greater purpose. I'm on a journey and I'm learning as I'm on it as i hope those (legionnaires) who follow it are doing so. In the end we will have different ways of looking at it no doubt, but this is no be-lie-f system to jump on. Its reality, its naked truth and how we can deal with our issues, whatever they are, and be responsible for our actions, not a victim of others deliberations. the principles of this can be used whether you feel a cold coming on or have cancer - now referred to as the little c!

If others can find strength from this then it's an exercise worth doing. If Doctors feel that it can assist others in similar conditions, i hope you will pass it on too. Already, as a i said before, i have been given so much information by others who suggest possibilities. Not one will be the whole answer but there might be something that will link to something else that might change the outcome.

Sport is a passion of mine, i watched the cricket this morning on telly as England play in India. However i prefer to participate rather than spectate. This is a concept in life, as many are spectators, wasting time that for me is precious. Whilst i can spectate, i always got more from the act of being involved. If i went to the football on a match day, it was the interaction of the crowd that was of interest to me, which is why i find it boring watching the game on telly. We can't all be the player on the field but we can still be involved in some way.

I may not be the best martial artist in the world but its the doing it that is more important. It is this ethic that is the core of the AMAG, it is inclusive. No-one is perfect but we can still achieve and push the boundaries beyond what the expectations were. The Bruce Lee clip above may be humour, but this was a small guy, one leg shorter than the other with very bad eye sight who was a remarkable athlete. I guess he didn't see himself as 'handicapped'!

Breaking the stereotype, or breaking the illusion means that you can change what others write for your destiny. You have the power!

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Wullie said...

"Life is an ever-flowing process and somewhere on the path some unpleasent things will pop up - it might leave a scar - but then life is flowing on, and like running water, when it stops, it grows stale. Go bravely on, my friend, because each experience teaches us a lesson."
- The words of Bruce Lee, taken from a letter he sent to one of his closest friends, Taky Kimura after the latter had experienced a profound hardship.

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