Saturday, 6 December 2008

When Saturday Comes

Good day today.
the nurse came early and changed the dressings. The wound may yet open up 75% but its healing from inside well. Just kills my topless modeling career stone dead. Watching Jimmy Carr on telly last night didn't help as it was quite literally splitting my sides with laughter!

Any of you on gmail or mac dot com can talk with me over the video cam and i have regular chit chats with Billy Hosie in Sydney and Rey Diogo in LA. Bob Spour is joining in with the fun and he regularly contacts me to keep my mind in the right frame. Thanks Bob!

Tony and Angie came past and spent the afternoon chatting. Neighbours dropped in and took Kali for a walk. Chelsea won in a fantastic game against Bolton. It's only 5pm!

Erik Paulson in a couple of days!

- Watch more amazing videos here

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