Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Clinic D

So off to the hospital we went, Caz and I, to Clinic D. I was weighed (fully clothed 99kg and its cold out) and my height measured. The Dr called us into a small room and started chatting. Straight away she was great, upfront, treating you as a human being and engaged me with positivity.

There are several options of Chemotherapy and so
far it looks like we will take the route of Sorafenib, a small red oral pill with better results in recent SHARP studies. This is available through the health insurance i have through my work, but not automatic on the NHS.

The other route would be Doxorubicin which is applied intravenously. The Dr was happy that we had the Sorafenib option and happiness is infectious!

So the plan is:
  1. Baseline CT scan to measure the tumor today
  2. Blood tests prior to treatment
  3. Start when wound healed, in the new year.

I will be able to continue to work whilst on the treatment AND i will be able to train as well!

The wound is feeling good, i am able to move more and last night i even got to sleep on my side for a part of the night! That was great!

Yesterday after the Paulson's departed i had Perry wake me up, followed by a visit by Wendy. Today, Scott Presley came around for a visit, so a nice early afternoon chat. Nice picture of Bill who is covering my Monday night Thai class. Him and Scott will be looking after Chris Moir on Saturday when he fights in Paisley. Go! boys Go!

What is true of me is true of everyone. We are all learning to look within ourselves to find the wisdom to live harmoniously.

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