Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Wound

There's a picture of the wound further down this post. Just to warn you. it's not a pretty sight so i have made it smaller. Click on it to get a really good look! Poor Caz had to change the dressing after a good nightout behind her, but she made it! The middle part is what it could have looked like, nice and neat. The redness is a wetness around what is a clear wound, very little gunge in it. Lovely, i know.

James MacDonald, fresh off the train from Northern Scotland, nipped up to see me today and it was great to see him. Ray popped around as well and we all had a nice chat. James is leaving us to move to Coventry to further his studies at Warwick university. I'll miss him.

Chelsea drew, are we throwing away the league this year on purpose? Thankfully i have recorded last nights UFC to watch and take my mind off that!

I've set up Skype on the mac and also on the mobile. ipatamag is the skype identity so if you have a webcam we can see each other, otherwise its a free call from your computer (download it for free).

I'm down a size in tee shirt now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dude that is one ugly wound
impressive in its own way but minging :-)


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