Sunday, 1 March 2009

St Davids day - Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

St Davids day - Dydd Gŵyl Dewi.

St David's Day recipes: Monmouth pudding

stephenfry on Twitter: In the meantime I'm childishly amused by waiter who's just told me about promotion: in his accent "two vodkas and you get a turd free"

Guido Fawkes blog has been a humorous read. It will simply point out the huge chasm there is with the politicians, bankers and union leaders etc with the ordinary people in society. Whilst fat cats take pay offs that the average worker will never earn, we also see Britain to the brink of becoming a "database" police state. Fear is being used as a weapon to break down civil liberties.

Most people have been brought up in the post WW2 period be lieving that they can raise their standing in society, class has been more divided from the Aristocrats and the Peasants, to where people buy status goods to portray their position in class - primark, next or Lacoste. A reason why the 'chav' has become a focus of ridicule as it belittles this, makes its a mockery or simply shows it as it is. What we thought we stood for is being shown to be lies.

Bankers, once a respected member of the community, have now been seen as fat cats, getting away with things that the ordinary man might well face prison for. Our government has colluded in torture using grey lines of legality. The election process has become a farce with a huge percentage of the popukation not voting for incumbants that seem so divorced from the real people in the land.

The Convention on Modern Liberty, sponsored by Joseph Rowntree Foundation, openDemocracy, Liberty, NO2ID and the Guardian, was launched as an umbrella campaign last month under the statement of purpose: "A call to all concerned with attacks on our fundamental rights and freedoms under pressure from counter-terrorism, financial breakdown and the database state."

We trusted and we have not received. Our climate is changing as we strive for progress, but progress to where? It is the time now for self responsibility, to start treating those around you with respect, our planet with respect and move away from this selfish directionless and self destructive phase.

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