Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring Forward

Teaching Saturdays Class

I was out on the motorbike today for the first time since, i guess, October. With the clocks going forward its come at a time where its a bit less wintry and dare i say more spring like. So i got the bike out and cleaned it and took it for a wee run to see how i did. I was fine and chuffed being back on the Triumph workhorse.

This was after running a fighters workout where Chris Moir had 10 rounds of Muay Thai sparring with people all 20 kg heavier. This is incredibly good for him now that we have more people willing to turn up to these sessions and so i expect his standard to increase and start to really dominate fights.

My inside thighs are sore after doing some kettlebells yesterday. I didn't do many but since my body hasn't been stressed for a while, the few was enough. Cardio seems out at the moment as i tend to get dizzy but i felt good doing the Turkish lifts - see the video - and didn't get any cramps at night!

I'm 84.1 kgs. i don't think there is much more body fat but the big difference is the loss of muscle. I'm comfortable with my size, it's the strength i want to recapture.
Ray - king of the kettlebells

Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet…
“I would say that because of the decisions we took during the good times, we were able to save some money for the bad times. And I would say that today that policy is producing results

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When I can look at you and you can look at me without the image of memory then there is a relationship.

Questioner: What relation has the observer, my observer, to other observers, to other people?

Krishnamurti: What do we mean by that word 'relationship'? Are we ever related to anyone, or is the relationship between two images which we have created about each other? I have an image about you, and you have an image about me. I have an image about you as my wife or husband, or whatever it is, and you an image about me also. The relationship is between these two images and nothing else. To have relationship with another is only possible when there is no image.

When I can look at you and you can look at me without the image of memory, of insults, and all the rest, then there is a relationship, but the very nature of the observer is the image, isn't it? My image observes your image, if it is possible to observe it, and this is called relationship, but it is between two images, a relationship which is nonexistent because both are images.

To be related means to be in contact. Contact must be something direct, not between two images. It requires a great deal of attention, an awareness, to look at another without the image which I have about that person, the image being my memories of that person - how he has insulted me, pleased me, given me pleasure, this or that. Only when there are no images between the two is there a relationship.

Collected Works, Vol. XVII - 7

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