Monday, 23 March 2009

Clinic D

I've just finished my cup of tea when I get a phone call asking if I can get to Clinic D for 10.55am. Yes i can. In fact i arrive on time and queue to 'check in' for 10 minutes and then have the honour of wasting one hour and 45 minutes waiting. Just when i put my jacket on before leaving i get called. Should have put the jacket on after 10 minutes maybe?

Anyway, the concern felt by the Dr since she last saw me was dispelled. I was 160/90 blood pressure and when she felt the liver she was amazed there seemed no inflammation at all. However urine tests had shown the presence of proteins which is a kidney issue. They want to keep an eye on it and this causes ankle swelling. She suggested, as a remedy for the cramps, quinene found in Tonic Water. just dont add the gin!

Im about to walk the dog and its snowed. Its a sharply cold day. My weight was again 84.5kg.

Found out that ‘The Database State’ describes the creation of very large databases at the heart of the UK departments of state, most of which it plans to join up. The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust commissioned a survey of all the state databases that a distinguished group of experts could identify. They found 46. Of these they judged that only six are safe. Many were found to be almost certainly illegal as well as dangerous. Still trying to find out how to go about finding out how many databases i'm on.

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