Monday, 2 March 2009

Take Responsibility for your Health

There is no excuse anymore, there is more than enough information in the public domain about what to eat for good health. If you continue to respond to mass advertising and make nutrition a low priority it will affect the quality of your life and lead to the possibility of ill health.

It may be that you prioritise meeting pals in the pub to watch the football but it doesn't have to mean that you have to sacrifice fresh well prepared produce. I am an advocate of eating locally based fruits and vegetables. If you eat meat, invest in more organic options rather than the mass produced battery farmed tripe.

If a chicken is raised in a cage without ever seeing sunlight do you think its going to produce the nutrients your body needs? It cant even grow feathers yet it is part of many peoples diet!
Those pigs you see roaming in the field are not your bacon. Pigs that never see sunlight is bacon. Pigs in the fields are Speciality Meats in the butchers.
A Battery Farmed chicken that you buy for your food

Its your life so change it, take responsibility for your health. I have always found it bizarre that some people take more care of their car than their body. Ever seen a smoker not use the ashtray, choosing to flick the ash and butts out of the window? Polluting their body, polluting the planet but keeping the car clean! What values are these?

The earth around supports you, it is an intricate web of life of which we are simply a part. Our behaviour is a cancer to the earth and cancer is an imbalance that has
caused reaction. I'm going to cure myself of cancer, what do you think the earth will do?

So, to encourage good intestinal health you should be including fiber-rich foods into your diet.

Foods that are high in fiber include whole grain products, fruits and vegetables and oatmeal.

Foods that have been proven to help the digestion process also include:
- flaxseed oil / ground flaxseed
- green tea
- cabbage
- garlic
- onion
- cauliflower

Foods / additives that you should avoid, as they can impact the digestive process:
- aspartame
- foods coated with pesticides i.e unwashed fruit and vegetables
- alcohol
- soft drinks
- hormonally-treated products
- sweeteners

86.6kg today.


Anonymous said...

What about hotdogs? They're ok, yes??? :)


Anonymous said...

Have a look at this book (below). I'm a real Jamie fan and his latest book is about simple easy to cook recipes that can be passed onto others, like in the days during the war. The Ministry of Food was set up to help people understand how to get the most out of their rations.
Jamie always goes on about buying the best ingredients you can afford and this is an important point and very much in line what Pat is saying in this post.

Here’s the link to the book:-

Anonymous said...

I think Pat has made a really good point here too. I was looking at the reaction buttons. On some of his posts where he is quoting philosophical points like the reality of 'what is', the posts score high on the 'Inspiring' mark. Yet something simple like eating good that will have a far more significant effect on your life than contemplating 'What is', only scores 'Interesting'.
Why is that?

Bindi said...

Aww poor wee chickens. I'm glad i'm a veggie.

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