Wednesday, 25 March 2009

It's Frothy man!

If you recall i mentioned that if I exercise i get severe leg cramps at night. Well the Dr told me to try drinking Tonic water as it contains quinene. However stronger doses of Quinene have caused serious problems - even death. Stop to marketing quinine for night leg cramps - health risks of prescription quinine - Brief Article

My urine continues to high levels of albumin which is a side effect of kidney malfunction possibly cause by the Sorafenib. After the CT scan they will look to weigh the benefits of whats happening to the tumor with the kidney issue.

Albumin symptons include a frothy pee, which i have now started calling Cresta after a childhood soda drink which had a polar bear saying "Its Frothy Man!" The current version of Cresta does not stand up to the old one, probably as half the ingredients are banned.

I'd saved up for a tin (1973/4) and left it in the fridge for the next day. My dad returned from work in London after i had gone to bed - which was the norm - and was eating a curry made by my mum when he chewed on a chilli. According to my mum, with his mouth burning, he drank water and grabbed my cresta out of the fridge and drank it in one.

I was, thus, scarred for life.

Just when you thought your email or phone call was private, guess what!

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