Monday, 2 March 2009


It's been a dozy couple of days. Short term memory loss happens when I'm tired but the high of last week is balancing itself out this week. It has started to turn colder so that may be a factor. Snow is expected.

Traditionally i would be getting ready to go to LA to train, but I'll miss out this Spring. I am missing the warmth of the place already! Still i am reading the The Celestine Prophecy and after that the new James Lovelock's The Vanishing face of Gaia (a final warning).

Mark Mulligan's take on Spotify. I have tickets for the Killers as a gift from Caz for Thursday. I listened to their new album on Spotify. Can't download the music but you can listen to it to see if you like it.

Just booked Bob to return at the end of the month, so he will run an NLP course on Sunday the 29th. He will be available during Monday for private sessions


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