Thursday, 5 March 2009

Day and Age

The Killers was professional. Good sound, great light show, long repertoire of hits. Very little interaction which, whilst understandable on a long tour, meant it was track after track. No regrets, its just that i dislike huge arenas. A big Plus in that we were with Gil and Graham Williams, whose wedding we'd attended last year so it was great to see them.

I also found out that
Kristin Hersh is playing in May so i'll be going to that! Her music has been in my collection since the Throwing Muses and i also have a lot of Tanya Donelly! With all the standing tonight i expect to cramp up later but apart from that i'm ok!

Guardian journalist John Harris has written a piece on the need to transform politics with radical ideas, and the need to rethink the left-right divide with a ‘coming together’ and beginning new conversations. See here. Its not working the way it is.


Happy Birthday Graham Burr!

Worlds most difficult puzzle?

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