Thursday, 19 February 2009

Feeling good

Went to see the Dr today to check everything is going well. I have none of the usual side effects - said I wouldn't didn't I? The only thing i seem to get is a 'wooziness' which got quite extreme on Tuesday night when David's face suddenly looked like Donald Duck's!

Slight rewind of the tape to Tuesday afternoon where i wake up at about 3.45pm, feeling very groggy. Three days of sleeping 2/3rds of the day was my body's reaction to fighting a cold bug or something like that. I struggled out of bed and took Kali for a walk in lovely sunshine. Kali played with another boxer and i returned home revitalised.

I went down to teach class, only intending to teach one but managed the two, participating in the second Filipino Martial Arts, working the stick and dagger. It was a busy night and i was happy to get home and get a hot bath.

Wednesday saw me arise and decide not to expect to slumber, taking off to the Medical practice to pick up forms they had filled in. From there i went straight off to work to say hello, hand in Doctors papers, take in lunch and generally getting to see friends and colleagues. I did some shopping before returning home and walking in the drizzle about 3.5 miles. I was shattered at the end of the night.

Today i was up and feeling revitalised. I weigh myself twice a day on the same spot in the bathroom. This morning's getting up weight saw me at 88.7kg, with the weight in the afternoon usually sitting around 91.5. Everyone comments on how well i look!

It looks like i will commence working from home for 10 hours to begin with as from next week. This will mainly be writing documents such as User Guides for Applications we use in the company.

Perry is on a Princes Trust course right now and has been up in the Cairngorm's abseiling, canoeing, skiing etc, so it will be good to see him this weekend. The UFC is also on this weekend, yet i haven't payed attention to it as yet. Sunday i will conduct a grading for our beginning students.

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