Monday, 2 February 2009


While most of the UK grinds to halt with snow, i made my way in to the hospital to meet the consultant. An hours wait later and I'm watching a Pekiti Tirsia dvd on my iPhone when he consultant decides to join me. Polite apology accepted i listen eagerly to her. There has been some to and fro'ing with the Scottish NHS over whether this course would be part of their trials, but it had been rejected and it will be for BUPA to pay.

So, by the end of the week, i should have started the course of medication. Her
strategy is to get control of the tumor and so after two months I'll be scanned to measure it. She then hopes the medication will start to reduce the tumor and it will really be discovery from there.

Her other patients with differing forms of cancer have reported the only side effect being a skin rash, so i will start recording all food intake in case i stumble on a link to avoid this. Pains in the soles of the feet has afflicted some people - i
automatically thought of yoga stretching! The other side effect will require me to be aware of where the toilet is at all times!

As i have said before, those are reactions felt by others, so they won't necessarily afflict me.

The scar is now almost fully dry, meaning the healing on the surface has completed and i should be able to have my first soak in the bath this week since the beginning of November! Luxury!

The snow isn't really settling here, but its accompanied with a biting North Sea wind. Caz and Kali have been in Inverness and are due back soon. Kali loves the snow and runs like a daftie in it.

It hasn't been a good weekend, where i have felt down especially with the loss at Liverpool. I won't be making the trip in march to the LA camp, moving it further down the timeline and later in the year. When you are down the sky opens and today's developments changes the mood significantly.

Desire is your strongest asset! Please don't underestimate it's importance.

It's where everything is built from. It's the foundational element that ignites you!

Please be invigorated and energized by it. Move forward in positive and powerful ways. Good Work!

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