Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Sunday Monday and Tuesday has seen increased energy levels. I have started protein drinks mid afternoon. It's the 2 hour period where i have to take the tablets on an empty stomach and then not eat for an hour which cause problems. Around that time i can feel nautious, but using the proteins seems to have changed that. It has been very nice weather wise which also lifts the soul!

Bob phoned me in an excited state as he caught the Horizon programme and it was talking about a woman on chemotherapy who had improved results for feeding the dose at 4am when the body is at its deepest sleep for her pattern. I have the recorder going now so i can catch up on it in more detail.

The Secret Life of Your Bodyclock Insight into the workings of the body's biological clock and how it affects virtually every aspect of daily life, revealing why heart attacks are most likely to occur at eight o'clock in the morning and shedding new light on the vexed question of what makes teenagers so reluctant to rise and shine

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The what is is what you are, not what you would like to be.

The 'what is' is what you are, not what you would like to be; it is not the ideal because the ideal is fictitious, but it is actually what you are doing, thinking, and feeling from moment to moment. What is is the actual, and to understand the actual requires awareness, a very alert, swift mind.

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aberdeenshirelass said...

I was thinking just the same thing when I watched Horizon last night. Worth investigating *nods*

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