Sunday, 22 February 2009

Exceptional standards

I took the gradings today and the standard was exceptional. These guys will move into the greater array of classes. These guys walked in without any experience about 3 or so months ago and started and have the foundations to build on. I get so much satisfaction from this. Its another generation of which some will make their mark on the club on a whole.

Its good to see Ray's efforts as the phase 1 lead produce results and now with Scott (pictured) and Chris ready to take on the reigns, we really see growth, people learning, achieving. It's all positive in a world the cloaks itself in negativity.

I started taking a meal replacement protein drink during the day and have noticed an immediate improvement. Both Saturday and Sunday have seen better endurance. I'm just back from a walk after the gradings where i met someone with three boxers! Walking with a Tribe of Boxers is a great feeling!

Chelsea won, closing in on Liverpool. The UFC was a disappointing show... it happens.

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s_p_fraser said...

Haha, thanks for that Pat, great picture!

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