Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sleeping beauty

The last three days have been spent in slumber. I awake early and take my two Sorafenib an hour before i can eat as this reduces the risk of developing an itch which is a recorded side effect. After an hour i get up and eat something whilst taking the other pills. No itch seen at all.

Sunday, Monday and today has then seen me go back to be with a bad headache, which i am hoping is more about my body fighting the cold rather than it being a side effect. Caz hasn't been 100% either.

On Sunday i walked the dog near Aberdeen beach and walked over Broadhill. I slipped on the step down and landed with a jolt, but didn't seem to have any effects, but with morphine in my body i guess i didn't feel it. I feel a bit bruised and my back has been slightly uncomfortable, so gentle stretches are being used to release it.

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