Wednesday, 4 February 2009

No Doubt No Fear

Bobs up this weekend and we'll be looking at several things on a personal basis as well as from a Martial Arts perspective. Personally I'll be looking to revitalise my timeline, refocus on my desire.

Fear has crept in and is gripping me like the icy weather hitting us from the east right now. I'm tired and when 'intelligent' people tell me to be realistic they actually tell me not to expect to be cured. They tell me to expect failure. If you expect failure that is what you get.

Martial Arts wise we have the self protection session on the friday night that is always value for money and can save your life! Muay Thai on the Saturday and a NLP workshop on Sunday morning. Details on the website.

Ali sent me a link to an article on Fear which is worth a read!


Anonymous said...

A Doctor/Consultant who faces sad, desolate, frightened patients, day in and day out starts to develop a certain hardening to the situation. Overtime this becomes their comfort zone. They know it well and they know how to deal with all the different iterations of their day.

So what happens when a buoyant, happy, positive patient comes bouncing into their office sorry I mean comfort zone? Well they immediately feel very uncomfortable and no longer in control. Their fear gets a hold of them, they might panic a little. Their reaction to this of course is to get back into their comfort zone and how do they do that? Well they can drop that happy, positive son of a bitch in about 10 seconds. Ahhhh now they feel much better and happy again, because they are dealing with a sad, depressed, frightened patient again. Back in the comfort zone.

Who's more afraid the patient or the patient's doctor?

Bounce back Pat nothing can stop you beating this - nothing!!

Anonymous said...

Expect to win!

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