Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Bob Spour Experience part 2 to 1000

It's Sunday evening and the snow is developing a frosty shell to it. I've woken up after crashing in the armchair, one of those recliner types, that i settled in to watch Wales beat Scotland after having dropped the illustrious Mr Spour at the airport and safely back on his way home.

After Friday's stressful events where we eventually picked him u
p from the airport at 7pm, we approached Saturday intent on pulling the weekend back in control. Bob was going to put his Self Protection on before the scheduled Thai Boxing session. it all worked out well and a great time was had by all. No cars got stuck in the snow unlike Friday and in the evening we had a few people around to spend the evening with, with Bob telling us about his experiences on the comedy circuit.

I ended up watching the Worlds Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins which - put it on your films to watch list. Bob and i share a love of bikes and if you go to the Pilgrims blog link on the blog you can see his chopper! Wahhay!

Sunday and there is a morning NLP workshop where Bob lays the foundations for people on what NLP is and exercises are undertaken by the group. Its a great session that has all the participants engrossed. We will be having more courses in the future.

Bob had revised my timeline on Saturday morning. We were able to take a fresh look at whats ahead. You know that saying "with a little bit of hindsight". Well that's what Bob did. We went to the end of the timeline and looked back to see what things i could do to make it better and I've already started doing them. It brought back elements of the original session that i had forgotten and they are now working again.

Tomorrow morning I'm at Ward A for the liver doctor so i guess that means sitting in commuter traffic. I have the symptoms from pre-surgery back again, bloating of the legs. However I'm not experiencing any pain in the liver and that's is down to the milk thistle regime I'm sticking to! With the Sorafenib about to commence, i'm now in pole position.


Anonymous said...

Saturday was a great session and I thouroughly enjoyed it. I've done most of the sessions with Bob including the Arbroath days and he always brings something interesting and new, and uniquely rewarding to everyone that takes part.
It's also good to see that he has helped you get back on top again. He's a good friend to you and I'm glad you know him.

aan said...

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