Wednesday, 15 April 2009


After the trip with Tuhon McGrath, I'm very tired and irritable. On top of the medication I'm snapping like a rabid dog. Rey Diogo flies in today and i'm looking forward to being in his company.

Today is the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough, which i drove past as it happened. Last night Chelsea won against the scoucers in a thrilling 4-4 draw which saw us go through 7-5 on aggregate. No-one should go to football in fear or to their death, but nor should we be treated as guilty hooligans either. With the footage of the G20 demonstrator being attacked it's apparent the use of the Police has become divisive in the UK and the football fan has felt this for a long time.

I wish the club would stop putting flags on seats, it's an artificial atmosphere. Commentators keep going on about how the scoucers don't need free flags. They are right, if the supporter wants to dress up like a bunch of christmas trees then go and support the bin dippers. We support our way and we don't need to immitate to please the TV companies to show our allegiance.

Arsenal next, at Wembley!

The government has released a list of 11 sites in England and Wales where new nuclear power stations could be built.
Bradwell, Essex
Braystones, Cumbria
Dungeness, Kent
Heysham, Lancashire
Hinckley Point, Somerset
Kirksanton, Cumbria
Oldbury, South Gloucestershire
Sellafield, Cumbria
Sizewell, Suffolk
Wylfa, north Wales

A new generation of nuclear reactors simply won't deliver the urgent emissions cuts needed to tackle climate change. Even the most optimistic estimates suggest that a new generation of nuclear power stations will only reduce our emissions by four per cent by 2024: far too little, far too late, to stop global warming or address the predicted energy gap. a new generation of reactors will create tens of thousands of tonnes of the most hazardous radioactive waste, which remains dangerous for up to a million years. It will establish new targets for terrorists, including nuclear waste trains carrying deadly cargoes along our public rail network for decades to come. It will keep the threat of a nuclear reactor accident hanging over us and risk the proliferation of weapons-grade plutonium. And it will render the public liable for the enormous cleaning up costs.

But the most imminent threat that a new nuclear age poses is to the real energy solutions to climate change.

Investment in nuclear energy and its infrastructure is a dangerous and expensive distraction from the real solutions – energy efficiency, renewable technology and decentralised energy.

By decentralising our energy system and producing energy locally, the UK can meet its energy needs in a much cheaper, cleaner and safer way, slashing our climate change contributions.

=== - Daily Quote ===

Light is light; it does not ask for more light.

Always to seek for wider, deeper, transcendental experiences is a form of escape from the actual reality of 'what is,' which is ourselves, our own conditioned mind. A mind that is awake, intelligent, free, why should it need, why should it have, any experience at all? Light is light; it does not ask for more light.

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