Monday, 27 April 2009


Imagine a crisp that's gone down the wrong way, its stuck there just behind the sternum in the osophegous. That's what i will be feeling for the next three days after four elastic bands were wrapped around the varices called 'banding'. I discussed this in an earlier post.

I chose this route so i didn't have to take anymore the beta blockers Propranolol that had a downer type effect on me. Had i known the discomfort caused i wouldn't have chosen it but once it passes it is the better option.

I am waiting for 8pm so i can have some soup, first food for 12 hours. Nothing harsh for a week so not to drag the bands off.

Q: What can you only do to a sheet of paper six times?
Answer at the bottom of the post! - Daily Quote: Beliefs, like ideals, are escapes from the fact

Belief is so unnecessary, as are ideals. Both dissipate energy which is needed to follow the unfolding of the fact, the 'what is.' Beliefs, like ideals, are escapes from the fact and in escape there is no end to sorrow. The ending of sorrow is the understanding of the fact from moment to moment. There is no system or method which will give understanding but only a choiceless awareness of a fact. Meditation according to a system is the avoidance of the fact of what you are; it is far more important to understand yourself, the constant changing of the facts about yourself, than to meditate in order to find god, have visions, sensations, and other forms of entertainment.

Krishnamurti's Notebook - 41

A: Recycle it!

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