Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

We'll its been a busy few days. I flew down to Birmingham on Wednesday, to be met by James MacDonald who has moved to Coventry from Aberdeen. We walked around the centre of Birmingham killing my feet as i haven't quite broke those new shoes in. Then Tuhon McGrath flew in so i said bye to James and hello to Bill and we drove to Northampton.

Thursday i took him to Cambridge which is a beautiful city and we walked around on my sore feet for quite a few hours taking loads of pictures, some of which Bill will use in his next book. Fortunately my friend Ewen Campbell gave me a pair of shoes that helped a lot! We had a nice meal in the evening as well.

Today i am about to head off to see Bob Spour and have some therapy from him. I'll let you know how it goes. With all this running around i've forced myself to eat more and so i have more energy.

It would be rude of me NOT to mention Chelsea's magnificent performance at Anfield, beating the scoucers 3 goals to one. All we had heard for weeks was how they would win the competition, but humble pie is being served up right now. Second leg still to come so i won't count the easter eggs quite yet but it was great to hear the biased commentators shut up.


Wandering Nomad said...

I have to say you played well even thought i can stand Chelsea and will be singing my head off come the 2nd leg. Hope the seminar goes well, wish i was home for the Rey Diogo seminar.

Anonymous said...

Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool....

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