Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A low ebb

Kali at the Vet
I was unable to take class last night. The pain of swallowing air, fluid or soup coupled with movement really buried me. It's been the lowest I have been for ages.

An old student and pal called, he's a Doctor and his call lifted me. How he found out is what could be described as a series of coincidences, but i don't believe in them. Everything has a purpose. That phone call was well timed.

We took Kali to the vet this morning and she's had a lump removed from her paw. Boxers are prone to lumps and we hope the tests prove it to be nothing to be concerned about. After dropping her off I have slept and now I'm eager along with Caz to go and pick her up. She'll brush it off and be back to her old self quickly. A lesson we should take from them! - Daily Quote: What is religion?

What is religion? It is the investigation, with all one's attention, with the summation of all one's energy, to find that which is sacred, to come upon that which is holy. That can only take place when there is freedom from the noise of thought, the ending of thought and time, psychologically, inwardly - but not the ending of knowledge in the world where you have to function with knowledge. That which is holy, that which is sacred, which is truth, can only be when there is complete silence, when the brain itself has put thought in its right place. Out of that immense silence there is that which is sacred.

The Wholeness of Life - 145

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